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  • What makes EyeHub different?
    Hi we are EyeHub optical store, based in Chennai. Started as a small shop in the urban area of the city, EyeHub is now on a journey to reach to your homes through our online platform.​At your comfort now we will be able to serve you our best. ​With many years of experience in this field we promise to provide you with the best.​With the growing exposure to screens we have now come up with the blue filter glasses range it will not only enhance your style but also protect them from the harmful blue light.
  • What are blue filter glasses?
    Blue filter glasses have filter in their lenses that block or absorb blue light and in some cases uv light,from getting through.
  • Do all the glasses come with blue filter?
  • What are the benefits of blue filter glasses?
    Reduces headaches Reduce eye strain Improves melatonin secretion to reduce symptons from blue light exposure Improves sleep.
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